Italian chamber of commerce for Serbia and Montenegro is located in the centre of Milan and works in Italy, in  serbia And montenegro in cooperation with the main institutions and governmental  entities , as well as with UE bodies which are responsible for managing projects and funds regarding the activities in this area.


the staff of italian chamber of commerce for serbia and montenegro is composed by:

  • internal collaborators

  • experts

  • corrispondents located in serbia and montenegro

  • associations, entities and other local public and private structures (embassies, sector associations, consulates, trade officers, chambers of commerce)

all the collaborators are experts who have acquired a large and specific skills and esperience especially  in fiscal, legal and trade issues regarding these countries.


 italian chamber of commerce for serbia and montenegro collects and spreads updated information and  data regarding economy and business opportunities in order to facilitate and develope the business relations between companies from Italy and serbia & montenegro.


the main goal of italjug is to create the opportunities to facilitate and reinforce the start up of business relations between  italian and serbian businessmen  

a vaste range of information and professional services are offered by italjug to its members, collecting, elaborating and spreading  just in time data and business opportunities news.



Dott. roberto zoppi President

DOTT. SSA NADIA VAGHI general secretary

Avv. Vladimir  Mijai-  Legal area - Office of Belgrade


Dott. Claudio Tortorici- Fiscal Area

Rag. Licia Bianchi - Labour Consultant Area

Dott. marco reba - senior consultant - Office of Belgrade